Joris Leverink

I am an Istanbul-based political analyst, freelance writer and journalist. I’ve been living in Turkey since 2013, where I focus my attention on social struggles, popular resistance, anti-capitalist initiatives, democratic alternatives and political processes.

jo risDuring my extensive travels through Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East I encountered many different people fighting for justice and recognition, each in their own unique way. The stories and struggles that influenced my thinking most were conveyed to me by Tibetans in India, Tibet and China; Tuaregs in Mali and Niger; and Kurds in Turkey and Syria.

The decades-long struggles of the people I met in the Himalayan mountains, in the Saharan desert and on the Mesopotamian plains opened my eyes to the widespread injustice that continues to shape the lives of billions across the globe.

As a freelancer I have covered African, Turkish and Kurdish politics. Starting off as a social media editor and contributor at Think Africa Press, I then moved on to become an editor at ROAR Magazine. Besides writing a monthly op-ed for TeleSUR English, I’m also a regular contributor for the IPS news agency. My articles have also been published at Contributoria, Truth Out, Open Democracy and De Morgen and the Groene Amsterdammer, among others, as well as in a number of Dutch, Turkish, Greek and German digital and print media.

I have an MSc in Political Economy of Violence, Conflict and Development (SOAS, University of London), and a BSc in Cultural Anthropology (University of Amsterdam). I’m fluent in English and Dutch, intermediate in French, German and Turkish.

For more information about me, my ideas and motivations, you can read this interview I did with the Turkish independent magazine Bantmag.

You can contact me via the form below. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!




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